Mobile Phone Systems

Mobile Networks 02, EE, Vodafone

Bluu Sky Connections will help you make sure you are effectively tracking your mobile phone costs, while taking advantage of the best phone tariffs and latest deals.

Because we are totally independent we have the flexibility to work across all the networks - we work for you not the networks.

Managing mobiles on a large scale involves real understanding of the major networks and how they operate.

Our knowledge and impartiality means that we will get the best deal.

We make it our mission to make money from reducing your bill - and it won't cost you a thing!

Here's how we can help you:

  • Dramatically reduce your costs
  • Continually review your account making sure that you are still benefiting from the best rates available
  • Move you to another network provider with no hassle and keep your existing number Manage your account for you - ensuring your business communications run smoothly at all times

Are you getting good value from your current contract?

Bluu Sky Connections will give you a FREE, no obligation billing review.

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Try FlexiBluu Feature

Cooperation is a great thing! And when your phones work together smoothly, your business does too. 

By linking up your mobile and your desk phone, to become one extension you can receive calls wherever you are.  Customers can get straight through to you without a long wait till the call starts trying you on your mobile. 

What about when you want to work from home for a day? That’s fine, with the Bluu Together feature , you can also link your home work phone to the cloud feature, and receive calls there, too! 

So give it a go and never miss a call.

Whatever your telecom requirements,

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