You’re already familiar with it, and it goes by many different names: “VOIP, Hosted telephony, the Cloud”…. But what exactly is it, and, will it do any good for your business? 


How are Hosted VOIP phone systems any different to traditional systems that sit in your comms cabinet?  Well for a start there is no main unit. This is hosted offsite so that the only equipment you need is a router, and the phones upon your desk.

In the past, if you wanted to add another phone to the system for the new worker who starts on Monday, you would find it was not as easy as it sounds. A traditional phone system can be unhappy with such a basic notion, and requires new expansion cards, another licence, reprogramming, plus an engineer visit
VOIP systems are much happier to accommodate.

Adding another phone to your VOIP system requires one phone call to BluuSky. The phone arrives, you plug it in, and you’re done. 


Hosted systems are really unfussy.

If you need to go and work from home for a month, you can. If you need someone to work from a different county, they can. And if you need to move the entire company to a new site, again, you can.

The phones are simply connected to the router at the new location, and away you go. People still call the same number to contact you, your extension numbers are all still the same, and the features are unaffected by the move. 

Hosted phones are happy little workers, with no Goldilocks syndrome!



Say Hi from Iceland……or Spain………or Italy. Wherever you go, your office phones can go with you. A number of our customers are finding the flexibility of Hosted Technology incredibly useful. Do you have a worker in another ountry?

With a BluuSky VOIP system, that’s fine. The phones in the main office treat the remote phone as if it’s on the next desk, exactly the same as the other extensions. You can transfer to it just the same as you would to any other, so your customers experience a completely fluid phone call. 



The same Features: Regardless of the location of the phones, they can all use the same features. For instance, the Voicemail collects in one accessible mailbox, that everyone can get at. 

The same process: Autoattendant means your customers can call one number, pick an option, and get through to the person they need, despite the fact they could be in totally different buildings, in totally different counties.


And why is that any better than a traditional phone system?

You have 2 Branches, all transferring calls between each other..In the past this would require 2 separate physical phone systems, one at each site. That of course, meant costs for double the equipment, double the cabling, double the engineer visits. With a hosted system it’s a whole different game. Your VOIP phones will happily work away on the broadband that’s at each site, no need for an onsite physical unit that needs maintaining. 

So if whether you’re branching out into a new country or just taking on a remote worker, have a think about VOIP. We’re here to help. 

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